About Stone Barn Photography

Missy Janes 

So much of who I am has been influenced by growing up in the Virginia Piedmont surrounded by woods, wildlife, dogs and horses. Since life on a working farm unfolds throughout the seasons into so many vignettes of visual and purposeful stories, my eye has been busy recording from an early age.  

I got serious about photography as a teenager. With my old school 35mm camera, I learned to shoot, develop and print in the red-light of the darkroom. My first projects were documenting projects for the community - a hospital’s expansion and examples of erosion for a county conservation effort.

After graduation from Goucher College, I bicycled across the U.S., and then rafted an uncharted river in Nepal. By then, I was shooting Kodachrome slides to document my travels. 

In the early 80’s I landed a job for the art director at National Geographic where I had the amazing opportunity to be surrounded by award winning photographers and graphic designers.  

Marriage, motherhood and many years later, I have a wealth of images to tell my story of travels, children, sports and picturesque places. Now, I want to share my skills with others so they may be so lucky.  

Stone Barn Studios

Stone Barn Studios offers comprehensive photography packages to help capture life’s moments for you and your family. 

Missy Janes will artistically document those special people, places and things for you:

  • Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries
  • Milestone Portraits - baby bump, first steps, high school yearbook
  • Beloved Pets
  • Holiday cards
  • Homes, Gardens, Farms
  • Vacation Trips

All shoots are uploaded to a password protected website gallery.  Packages range from simple to elaborate.  Missy will design, layout and publish a book; assemble photos into a story for a musical slide show; create a video of interviews, stills with music or she can create a product that matches your needs. 


About  My Photography

Wonderful photographs take us to places we may never go, remind us of events we never want to forget and preserve cherished moments. My wish is to create photos with a unique quality of light that cause our hearts to skip a beat as we travel those memories. 

Whether traveling down a dusty country road near home or to little known places around the world, there are faces and places that help us savor our lives. I have relished carrying a camera to record landscapes that provide solace for the soul, scenes that conjure up nostalgic memories and garden spaces that provide calmness and serenity. 

Grace and symmetry catch my eye, charm and a sense of fun make us smile. Most of all, I search for that unique perspective where patterns, shapes and light intersect for a pleasurable composition whether in a portrait or a landscape.